Thou Shalt Love

Book 1 of the Thou Shalt Trilogy

Ready to read romantic women’s fictional books from exotic settings? Sianah Nalika DeShield introduces her debut Novel, Thou Shalt Love an African Inspired Romantic Women’s Fiction. Thou Shalt Love introduces the classy drama of the Carter girls facing sex addiction, domestic abuse, and a hard life of a career woman in a male dominant society.

Sisters of spirit and grown women, Susan and Mildred are reunited under the roof of their grandmother, Louise, where family and love always prosper. Yet, in their personal lives, Susan and Mildred find themselves unlucky in love time and again. Separately, they discover that keeping secrets from one another is a lonely journey, which ends in heartache. Only when they realize that they must face life’s challenges together do they see that they can survive, them against the world.

In a trilogy about growth and personal discovery, Susan and Mildred will navigate the winding roads of life side-by-side, contending with great change and learning that they must love, trust, and forgive, no matter what comes their way.

Thou Shalt Love is the first book in the Thou Shalt Trilogy set in West Africa, Liberia. You need to devour this scandalous sizzling new story full of drama, twist, turns, and suspense.

The Thou Shalt Trilogy continues with Thou Shalt Trust and concludes with Thou Shalt Forgive.

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